MySQL Database Export And Import

  • Need: If you have N no of tables with data inserted. and you want to give all tables with queries and data to anyone. You can give in single backup file(Script)
  • Required tools –
    1. MySql Server
    2. MySql GUI Tools 5.0
    3. MySql Query Browser

  • Follow the following Steps:
    (You should have MySql GUI Tools 5.0)
  • 1. Go to folder- MySql GUI Tools 5.0/MySQLAdministrator
    and open MySQLAdministrator tool by double clicking

    2. Following Window will open –

    3. Enter localhost, port, username, and password. and click ok

    Following window will open –

    4. Now go to Backup –

    5. Click on New Project ->select database which you want to backup as below

    Note – You can also select tables.
    6. Select location of backup file and give name to the backup file and click on Save as –

    7. Click OK and Close application

    8. Now you can see the Backup file is generated in Desktop:

  • Step 1: Open MySQL Query Browser
  • Step 2: Go to File->New Script Tab
  • Step 3: Now open your Backup file with wordpad
  • Step 4: Copy all content from backup file
  • Step 5: Now Paste in Script tab of Query Browser and click on Execute Button –
  • Now database will create with all table(with data)
  • Now You can check database is created with all tables inside it-