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Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. It provides constructs that enable clear programming on both small and large scales. Python is Very Easy to Learn. with the help of python, we can create Websites, Games, and Applications. nowadays python is Trending Programming language and Best Language for Make Carrier in the IT Industry.
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Python Course Syllabus

  • Why Python , its Unique Feature and where to use it?
  • Python environment Setup
  • Discuss about IDE’s like IDLE, Pycharm and Enthought Canopy
  • Start programming on interactive shell.
  • Python Identifiers, Keywords
  • Discussion about installed module s and packages
  • Access Command line arguments within programs
  • Declaring and using Numeric data types: int, float, complex
  • Using string data type and string operations
  • Defining list and list slicing
  • Use of Tuple data type
  • Avoiding code break using exception handling
  • Safe guarding file operation using exception handling
  • Handling and helping developer with error code
  • Programming using Exception handling
  • Conditional blocks using if, else and elif
  • Simple for loops in python
  • For loop using ranges, string, list and dictionaries
  • Use of while loops in python
  • Loop manipulation using pass, continue, break and else
  • Programming using Python conditional and loops block
  • Organizing python codes using functions
  • Organizing python projects into modules
  • Importing own module as well as external modules
  • Understanding Packages
  • Powerful Lamda function in python
  • Programming using functions,modules & external packages
  • Reading config files in python
  • Writing log files in python
  • Understanding read functions, read(), readline() and readlines()
  • Understanding write functions, write() and writelines()
  • Manipulating file pointer using seek
  • Programming using file operations
  • Concept of class, object and instances
  • Constructor, class attributes and destructors
  • Real time use of class in live projects
  • Inheritance , overlapping and overloading operators
  • Adding and retrieving dynamic attributes of classes
  • Programming using Oops support
  • Building blocks of python programs
  • Understanding string in build methods
  • List manipulation using in build methods
  • Dictionary manipulation
  • Programming using string, list and dictionary in build functions
  • Machine learning: the problem setting
  • Loading an example dataset
  • Learning and predicting
  • linear regression
  • Decision tree implementation
  • Installing smtp python module
  • Sending email
  • Reading from file and sending emails to all users addressing them directly for marketing
  • SQL Database connection using python
  • Creating and searching tables
  • Reading and storing config information on database
  • Programming using database connections
  • Numpy Intro
  • Arrays, Datatypes
  • Matrices
  • Broadcasting
  • Pandas Intro
  • series
  • Data Frames
  • Merge, Join, Concatenate
  • Handling missing data
  • IO Tools, Text, CSV, HDF5, JSON, EXCEL
  • Plotting
  • Matplotlib Intro
  • Line plot
  • Bar charts
  • Histograms
  • Scatter Plot
  • Debug Python programs using pdb debugger
  • Assert for debugging
  • Testing with Python using UnitTest
  • Iterable and generator in Python
  • Yielding from the generators
  • Standard project setup in Python
  • Multithreading with Python
  • What is multithreading?
  • Starting a New Thread
  • The Threading Module
  • Synchronizing Threads
  • What is pip, easy_install?
  • Set up the environment to install packages?
  • Install packages for XLS interface, Database Interface and Web interface
  • XML and XLS parsing with Python
  • Create XLS reports with Python

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Upon Successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate from javabykiran for Python Training.

Oracle Certified Python

If you are a new Python Developer, then it's a good idea to take Oracle Certified Associate (OCAJP) and Oracle Certified Professional (OCPJP) exam from Oracle. It's mandatory to pass the OCAJP exam before you can acquire the OCP certification. So you have to pay for two exams to get a Professional certification from Oracle.


Java By Kiran offers Python course which covers Python Data types, Program Flow Control, Expection Handling etc.,

Once after completion of the course, we conduct placement program.

So for more than 100+ students got placed in the top MNC's.

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Python Training Course FAQ's

Yes, u can do all batches
We have backup plan. Each and every class getting recorded. Video is provided to you.

Learning Benefits of Python Programming Language

1. It's Free it doesn't Require Subscription

2. It Needs Very Less Coding, less space, Less Time

3. Any Business Man, any Entrepreneur can afford

4. Leading companies like Google, Spottily and Many More Companies Using Python

5. It's a Trending Language. Every One Using This Language nowadays

6. Python Is for everyone who is in Software Development Stream

  • These days market needs extra knowledge with many technologies. Python is booming language these days.
  • All data analysis and machine leaning can be done very easily in python.
  • We do everything hands-on. Nothing dummy, we believe that whatever we learn must be done by every student by his hand. Not just faculty must be hands-on on his/her laptop.
  • We give assignment everyday so that there and there practice example can be solved by our own with guidance of expert faculty who is working in company .
  • This is only institute where all lectures recorded and published on you tube. If you want to see our lectures you can see those freely.
  • We believe in transparency So we gave all mobile nos of our students directly on website. call them and get to know how we service them.
  • Lectures are only taken by Working Professionals
  • You will get everything live as Expert has 12 years of exp and worked on many projects at framework level.
  • All Python students can attend any batches of Python & Live project also.
  • We target everybody to achieve hands-on experience. Where you can switch a company or switch to python project easily in current company
  • We have very very less theory sessions.
  • Feel secured as we give demo lectures also give all mobile No.s of old batches you can confirm about us whether we are good or not
  • Class is comprise of all kind of working people starting from exp level of 6 months to 14 years.
  • You will get chance to understand various industry projects and standards.
  • In fact no end date for our batch as many as lectures you do, you will be stronger do again and again. Nobody’s become master of any technology in 3 months which is ideal time.