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  • These days market needs extra knowledge with many technologies. Python is booming language these days.
  • All data analysis and machine leaning can be done very easily in python.
  • We do everything hands-on. Nothing dummy, we believe that whatever we learn must be done by every student by his hand. Not just faculty must be hands-on on his/her laptop.
  • We give assignment everyday so that there and there practice example can be solved by our own with guidance of expert faculty who is working in company .
  • This is only institute where all lectures recorded and published on you tube. If you want to see our lectures you can see those freely.
  • We believe in transparency So we gave all mobile nos of our students directly on website. call them and get to know how we service them.
  • Lectures are only taken by Working Professionals
  • You will get everything live as Expert has 12 years of exp and worked on many projects at framework level.
  • All Python students can attend any batches of Python & Live project also.
  • We target everybody to achieve hands-on experience. Where you can switch a company or switch to python project easily in current company
  • We have very very less theory sessions.
  • Feel secured as we give demo lectures also give all mobile No.s of old batches you can confirm about us whether we are good or not
  • Class is comprise of all kind of working people starting from exp level of 6 months to 14 years.
  • You will get chance to understand various industry projects and standards.
  • In fact no end date for our batch as many as lectures you do, you will be stronger do again and again. Nobody’s become master of any technology in 3 months which is ideal time.