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to provide recording daily after class to students. you can practice whole day under faculty guidance. where test and mockup tests are taken regularly. provides all mobile nos of old students on website.
Weekend Schedule For Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May 2019

8:30 AM:-[Old Classroom]--  Saturday  Basic Selenium Automation (First lecture)
Sunday:-- Selenium Webtables (First Lecture)
[Prerequisite: Come with Laptop. Hands-on Session Basic Java Lectures attended]

8:30 AM:- [New Classroom]-- Spring Boot (First Lecture)
[Prerequisite: practical oriented session, Come with Laptop]

9:30 AM:- [Old Classroom] -- Auto IT Robot Class (First Lecture) 
[Prerequisite: Hands-on Session. No any topic Dependency ]

9:30AM :- [New Classroom] -- Dynamic XPath & Wait Types (First Lecture)
[Prereuisite: Basic Selenium Completed]

11:00AM :- [New Classroom] -- Constructor, Super,This (First Lecture)
[Prereuisite: Class Concept, Inheritance Lectures Attended]

11:00AM :- [Old Classroom] -- New Selenium Weekend Batch
(Only Basic Java will cover)

12:30 PM:-[New Classroom] -- Python Batch