Weekend Schedule for Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April 2019
8:00 AM:- [Old Classroom] -- (Saturday Only) HTML CSS. MySQL 
(all java selenium batches allowed. This is for java dev and testers. 
Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

8:00 AM:- [New Classroom] -- Spring (First Lecture)
(Practical Oriented Session.)

9:30 AM:- [Old Classroom] -- Basic Selenium Automation (Second Lecture) and Web tables
(Prerequisite: Basic Selenium First Lecture CompletedBring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

9:30 AM:- [New Classroom] -- Page Object Model and Log4j (First Lecture)
(Prerequisite: selenium basics and TestNG should have attended. Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

11:00 AM:- [New Classroom] -- Collection (First Lecture)
(Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

12:30 PM:- [New Classroom] -- Python Batch