Weekend Schedule for Saturday 15th June and Sunday 16th June 2019
If you find difficult to understand what you need to attend ping on whatsApp 9552343698

8:30AM:-[Old Classroom]-- Basic Selenium (Third Lecture)
 [Prerequisite : basic selenium first lecture. even if nothing done can start selenium.]

8:30AM:-[New Classroom]-- Page Object Model
 [Prerequisite: Maven,testng done]

9:30AM:-[New Classroom]-- Wait Types and Listeners
 [Prereuisite : Basic selenium done]

10:00AM:-[Old Classroom]-- Polymorphism and Abstraction
[Prerequisite : methods,object,inheritance done]

11:00AM:-[New Classroom]-- Collection  (for all of weekend batches.) 
[Prerequisite : must know basic core java of object creation]

12:30PM:-[New Classroom]-- Python Batch