Weekend Schedule for Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April 2019
8:00AM:-[Old Classroom]--  Saturday-- HTML,CSS
Sunday--  MySql installation, Queries Execution (First lecture)
[Prerequisite : Come with Laptop. Handson Session No any topics prerequisites]

8:00AM :- [New Classroom]-- Hibernate (First Lecture)
[Prerequisite : JDBC sessions attended]

9:30AM :- [Old Classroom] -- Basic Selenium Automation (First Lecture)
[Prerequisite : basic java completed at least objects creation, method calling]

9:30AM :- [New Classroom] -- Maven and Jenkins  (First Lecture )

11:00AM :- [New Classroom] -- Abstraction  (First lecture )

12:30PM :-[New Classroom] -- Python Batch