Weekend Schedule For Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th May 2019
8:30 AM:-[New Classroom]--   Basic Selenium Automation
[Prerequisite: Come with Laptop. Hands-on Session Basic Java Lectures attended]

8:30 AM:- [Old Classroom]-- Tomcat Installation & Configuration (First Lecture)
[Prerequisite: Hands-on session, Come with Laptop]

9:30 AM:- [Old Classroom] -- Jenkin (First Lecture) 
[Prerequisite: Hands-on Session. No any topic Dependency ]

9:30AM :- [New Classroom] -- TestNG (First Lecture)
[Prereuisite: Basic Selenium Completed]

11:00AM :- [New Classroom] -- Class Concepts & Method Calling
(Any New students can join who missed the Basic Java topics)

12:30 PM:-[New Classroom] -- Python Batch