Weekend Schedule for 19 Oct 2019 and 20 Oct 2019 - Sat and Sunday both days

[8.30 am batch shifted to 8.30 am]

 [10 am batch shifted to 8.30 am]

8:30 AM:-[New Classroom] --  -  Cucumber

Note: This session is for all test engineers and QA people.  - last time we covered the rest assured at 9 am


08:30 AM:-[OLD Classroom]-- Spring IOC AOP MVC Hands-on bring a laptop (No Spring Boot )

[Prerequisite: Core Java should have been completed - jbk 52 batch required.]


10:30 AM:-[NEW Classroom]-- TestNG basics first session

 [Pre-requisite - Basic java and eclipse handling should know - evening batch students needs to update, This batch is must for all freshers of eve batch]

11:00 AM:-[NEW Classroom]-- New Selenium Automation Batch - only java will be covered

 [Prerequisite: basic java will be covered]

12:30 PM:-[ New Classroom ]-- New Python Batch -Pandas plotting