Weekend Schedule for 14 Sept 2019 and 15 Sept 2019 - Saturday and Sunday both days

If you find difficult to understand what you need to attend please text us or WhatsApp on 9552343698 === [ Parking is at -2 only ]

8:30 AM:-[New Classroom]-- MAVEN + TESTNG + JENKIN Integration - saturday and LOG4j AUTOIT ROBOT  - Sunday

[Prerequisite: Attendee MUST have finished completely testNG  topic ]

10:00 AM:-[New Classroom]-- TestNG Data provider and TestNG listeners - Saturday and LOG4j AUTOIT ROBOT - Sunday

[Prerequisite: Attendee MUST have finished testNG and at least 10 test cases should have been written

11:30 AM:-[New Classroom]-- Exception and Abstraction in java

 [Prereuisite: Attendee MUST have basic knowledge of java.. any batch students can attend ]


12:30 PM:-[New Classroom]-- Python Batch - Numpy

12:30 PM:-[Old Classroom]-- Spring Boot - End to End Hands-on Session 

[Prereuisite: Should know good Core java in details]

1:30 PM:-[New Classroom]-- New Python Batch

Also, all mock interviews will be as per schedule. 

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