Only Institute
to provide recording daily after class to students. you can practice whole day under faculty guidance. where test and mockup tests are taken regularly. provides all mobile nos of old students on website.
Weekend Schedule for 07 Sept 2019 and 08 Sept 2019 - Sat and Sunday both days

If you find difficult to understand what you need to attend please text us or WhatsApp on 9552343698 === [ Parking is at -2 only ]

8:30 AM:-[New Classroom]-- Action Class and Wait Types and Dynamic XPATH

[Prerequisite: Attendee MUST have finished Basic selenium and excel properties and testNG done ]

10:00 AM:-[New Classroom]-- testNG

[Prerequisite: Attendee MUST have finished Basic selenium first lecture,  ( he should be able to open "add a user "in the offline website provided by JBK ) ]

10:00 AM:-[Old Classroom]-- Basic Selenium first class

 [Prereuisite: Attendee MUST have finished Basic java - object creation, This is for all batches those who want to learn selenium but not yet started or missed other sessions. ]

11:30 AM:-[New Classroom]-- Static and Final keywords in java

 [Prereuisite: Attendee MUST have finished basic java like some oops concepts, This is also for all batches those who missed regular batch sessions]


12:30 PM:-[New Classroom]-- Python Batch - Numpy

Also, all mock interviews will be as per schedule.