Weekend Schedule for 07 Sept 2019 and 08 Sept 2019 - Sat and Sunday both days

If you find difficult to understand what you need to attend please text us or WhatsApp on 9552343698 === [ Parking is at -2 only ]

8:30 AM:-[New Classroom]-- Action Class and Wait Types and Dynamic XPATH

[Prerequisite: Attendee MUST have finished Basic selenium and excel properties and testNG done ]

10:00 AM:-[New Classroom]-- testNG

[Prerequisite: Attendee MUST have finished Basic selenium first lecture,  ( he should be able to open "add a user "in the offline website provided by JBK ) ]

10:00 AM:-[Old Classroom]-- Basic Selenium first class

 [Prereuisite: Attendee MUST have finished Basic java - object creation, This is for all batches those who want to learn selenium but not yet started or missed other sessions. ]

11:30 AM:-[New Classroom]-- Static and Final keywords in java

 [Prereuisite: Attendee MUST have finished basic java like some oops concepts, This is also for all batches those who missed regular batch sessions]


12:30 PM:-[New Classroom]-- Python Batch - Numpy

Also, all mock interviews will be as per schedule.