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to provide recording daily after class to students. you can practice whole day under faculty guidance. where test and mockup tests are taken regularly. provides all mobile nos of old students on website.
Weekend Batch Schedule For 6th April & 7th April 2019
8:00 AM:- [Old Classroom] -- TestNG (First Lecture)
(Prerequisite: Basic Java, Basic Selenium :: Mostly for those who missed session taken in last of last week)
(Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

8:00 AM:- [New Classroom] -- JSP Servlet (Third Lecture)
(Prerequisite: Should refer to videos of last 2 sessions or should have attended sessions of Kiran Sir )
(Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

9:30 AM:- [New Classroom] -- Selenium Listener & ACtion Class (First Lecture)
(Prerequisite: Selenium Automation at least two selenium lectures must have finished-- till webtables or selenium basic operation should be aware of.) (Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

11:00 AM:- [New Classroom] -- Polymorphism (First Lecture)
(Prerequisite: Should know Java Basics like Object Creation (Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

12:30 PM:- [New Classroom] --Python Batch | oops will start