Weekend Batch Schedule For 30th March & 31st March 2019
8:00 AM:- [Old Classroom] -- Basic Selenium Automation (First & Second Lecture)
(Prerequisite: Basic Java, calling from one class to another, Must have done some basic programs on the laptop. 
Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

8:00 AM:- [New Classroom] -- JSP Servlet (First Lecture)
(Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

9:30 AM:- [New Classroom] -- Excel Sheet & Properties File (First Lecture)
(Prerequisite: Basic Selenium Automation, Two lectures of selenium at least should have attended. Bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

11:00 AM:- [New Classroom] -- New Selenium Automation Batch
(Covering Basic Java Only  )

12:30 PM:- [New Classroom] -- New Python Batch