Weekend Batch Schedule For 16th & 17th February 2019
8:00 AM:- [New Classroom] -- Hibernate (First Lecture)
(Prerequisite: bring a laptop. The lecture will be hands-on & Previous topics practical completed.) 
for video  click here hibernate video  Saturday video
for video  click here hibernate video part 2  Sunday video

8:00 AM:- [Old Classroom] -- HTML, CSS, JavaScript (First Lecture)
(Prerequisite: bring a laptop. Hands-on Session) 

9:30 AM:- [New Classroom] -- Jenkins & Grid (First Lecture)

11:00 AM:- [New Classroom] -- Basic selenium Automation (First Lecture)

12:30 PM:- [New Classroom] -- Python Batch

1:30 PM:- [New Classroom] -- New Weekend Selenium Batch (Basic Java First Lecture for Selenium Batch)