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Junit Interview Question Answer Part 2

Compiling a JUnit test class is like compiling any other Java classes. The only thing you need watch out is that the JUnit JAR file must be included in the classpath. For example, to compile the test class described previously, you should do this: javac -cp junit-4.4.jar

dir HelloTest.*
453 HelloTest.class
183 The compilation is ok, if you see the HelloTest.class file..
A JUnit test class usually contains a number of test methods. You can run all test methods in a JUnit test class with the JUnitCore runner class. For example, to run the test class described previously, you should do this:

java -cp .;
junit-4.4.jar org.junit.runner.JUnitCore HelloTest

JUnit version 4.4

. Time: 0.015

OK (1 test)
This output says that 1 tests performed and passed.
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